Profile New IFSDA President

At the IFSDA AGM in Prague, Rob Smit has been elected as new IFSDA president. Here an introduction of Rob in his own words:
'First of all I want to thank Richard for his presidency over the past 6 years. I think you all know and agree he did a marvelous job, 
especially with bringing in the PTS, but also with mediation between members and with keeping things running. 
I am happy to take over this task and go for it with full energy.
I will say a few words about myself.
As you might know, I am a dutch stampdealer. My current age is 57 and I am in the stamp business for over 40 years with my self-builded company
Until recently I ran three stamp shops in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Haarlem. I combined them to one large shop in Haarlem. 
However my major sales come from the internet with my own webshop. Aprox. 20 people are working in my company.
I am a board member in the dutch dealers ass. NVPH for over 12 years now. I like to say that the NVPH was one the founding organisations for the IFSDA which was founded in Utrecht in the Netherlands in 1952.
English is not my native language, so my english will be somewhat more directly and less elastic, poetic and joyfull as you used to hear from Richard, besided that I can understand and speak a few words in German and French.
People who know me are aware of the fact that I am always looking for how to improve or change things to get better results. That's my nature.
This does not mean that I want to start tomorrow with changing all kind of things immediately, 
but I am very open-minded for changes and want to have them well thought over before implementation.
You know that we live in a fast changing world. This also applies the philatelic market.
I dream of an IFSDA that brings better together all dealers from over the world, giving them great opportunities to raise their trade, which will make them proud to be an IFSDA member through their national organisation. That's my goal.
I feel happy that there are so many experienced board members to work with. Ingomar who was just choses as treasurer, Lars-Olow as vice president and of course Paul, vice president as well and our UPU contact person.
As well as all other board members.'