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Small holes that can enrich postage stamps

(wm) Many stamp collecting clubs offer far more than just the exchange of stamps or regular moments on which their members can meet. They maintain a regular professional program with exciting topics and with lectures given by well-known speakers. Take for instance the German association called “Verein für Briefmarkenkunde 1878 e.V.” in Frankfurt am Main. On 21 November 2017 Rainer von Scharpen will present lecture about the so-called perfins (perforated initials). There have been times that collectors regarded stamp with such tiny holes as worthless. How different things are today!
The place where Rainer von Scharpen will adress the members of the aforementioned stamp association and everyone else who is interested in the subject will be the PHILA library Heinrich Köhler, Langer Weg 16-18, 60489 Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Originally, the lecture was planned for the 7th of November, but due to technical reasons it will take place two weeks later, on 21 November 2017. Contact: H. Krug, Telephone 069/78800983. Guests are always welcome!

Hans Wagner medal 2017 for Wolfgang Maassen

(mm) The Hans Wagner Medal is the second-oldest philatelic award in Germany. It was installed on 22 April by the German ‘Verein für Briefmarkenkunde 1885 e.V. Mainz’. The aim was to honour the merits of Hans Wagner (‘father’ of the German ‘Deutsche Philatelistentage’ and promotor of the unification of philatelic associations under a common umbrella). Since 1910, club leaders and researchers have been awarded this medal for outstanding philatelic activity. It is awarded only about every five years. It is considered by many to be the most representative award in the philatelic field.
Lothar Both, the chairman of the Mainz association, recently honoured Wolfgang Maassen from Schwalmtal. Maassen was also awarded for his previous work. Wolfgang Maassen (born in 1949) worked for the official German league of philatelist (BDPh) for nearly 40 years. He acted 28 years as the Editor of the German stamp magazine “philatelie”. He was active as press officer, team manager and/or organiser during three important exhibitions: IBRA 99 in Nürnberg, IBRA/NAPOSTA 2009 in Essen and IPHLA 2012 in Mainz. He is the only German philatelist who was jointly responsible for three international exhibitions on German soil.
Numerous are his publications, which include more than 80 book publications and over four thousand articles. The number of the awards that he gathered from all over the world can hardly be overlooked.
The list of winners of the Hans Wagner Medal during the last 25 years is short. The list includes only five names of prominent philatelists: Peter Fischer, Berlin (1992), August Wahn, Heilbronn (1995), Consul Hermann Walter Sieger, Lorch/Württemberg. (1999), Reiner Wyszomirski, Langen (2004) and Eckart Bergmann, Arnstad (2011). Legendary names are also found among the other receivers of the medal. For example, Victor Suppantschitsch (1918), Hugo Krötzsch (1920), Arthur Ernst Glasewald (1925), Ludwig Hesshaimer (1928), Erich Stenger (1931) and Franz Kalckhoff (1947). Maassen has written extensive philatelic essays about some of the aforementioned persons.


A selfie with a stamp

(sp) How can we transfer typical content from the digital world onto a stamp format? Students from Zurich University of the Arts and Swiss Post examined this question in a collaborative project entitled “Letter vs. e-mail”. Amongst the numerous design ideas, the selfie stamp by the young designer, Nicole Jara Nizcardo, ultimately came out on top. This extraordinary A Mail stamp, issued on 7 September 2017, is coated with a silver film on which the viewer’s reflection appears. The sheet of stamps with 20 selfie stamps is also presented in the shape of a tablet, creating the perfect example of the symbiosis between digital and analogue reality.

Source: AIJP News

Cult Foxes Decorate Stamp Fair Cover!

(Jan Billion) Is there anyone in Germany and a number of other countries who does not know Fix and Foxi? In the 1950s these little foxes – a creation of the cartoonist Rolf Kauka – conquered the hearts of all comic fans in Germany. A stamp issued September 7 to celebrate the annual “Stamp Day” shows the comic foxes on skateboards. Since this holiday of stamp collectors is also celebrated in Sindelfingen every year, one did not have to seek far to use the brightly colored charity stamp as the imprint of a postal stationery envelope which the Deutsche Post will produce for the fair, that takes place from 26 until 28 October 2017. The added illustration shows a funny trick played by Fix and Foxi. The stamp design is taken up again in the special cancellation prepared for the “Stamp Day”. Deutsche Post – again the biggest exhibitor this year – has two additional cancellations in reserve: the first dedicated to the anniversary of the study group “50 Years ArGe Thurn and Taxis”, the second to commemorate “170 Years of the Railway Line Mannheim-Konstanz”. They correspond with two highlights of this year’s stamp fair in Sindelfingen.
Special cancellations, cachets and various fair products as well as a large offer of new issues are also available from the ca. 30 foreign postal administrations and their agents. The international flair is furthermore guaranteed by the roughly 100 dealers, auction houses, accessory producers and editors where both beginners and advanced collectors will profit to call. This 35th edition of the Sindelfingen Fair from 26 to 28 October 2017 will surprise you with a number of new faces among the dealers. 
Service is a prime aim again this year. Study Groups on the upper floor will answer your questions concerning specific collection fields or club membership. Experts have a stand close to the Deutsche Post and are at your disposal if you want to get an appraisal of your treasures. Young visitors will welcome the activities prepared by the Youth Group South-West: It is all about locomotives and the railway. In short: Plenty of games, fun and adventure in the waiting!
On the upper floor, the Regional Federation South-West presents at its stand a German rarity: the Audrey Hepburn stamp, the most expensive modern stamp in the world!
For collectors interested in postal history, Sindelfingen is the Mecca every autumn. In the international competition “Postal History – Live”, about 40 collections strive again to win one of the coveted posthorns. The focus this year is on the Alpine countries: Italy, Austria and Switzerland. The “Symposium on Postal History“ on Friday afternoon offers conferences – free of charge – providing in-depth information on specific aspects of the domain.
Supplementary exhibitions and activities garnish the event this year. The Thurn and Taxis Study Group is celebrating its 50th anniversary by mounting a specialised 75-frame exhibition. Some 250 frames are reserved to the 14th edition of the MAMA, a local competitive exhibition. The well-known journalist and philatelic historian Wolfgang Maassen has prepared ten frames of a documentary collection in which he presents the “King of Stamps” Philipp von Ferrari whose death centenary is commemorated this year. And finally the Federation of Philatelic Study Groups VPhA wants you to get to know the member group Coins and Money.
More than 40 study groups have a stand and offer information, advice and plenty of literature.
The organiser Fair Sindelfingen has invited complete school classes to take part in a workshop “We Write Letters”. 
Admittance is free to all programs and services of the 35th International Stamp Fair from 26 to 28 October 2017 (Thursday to Saturday) at Messe Sindelfingen. Doors open at 10 a.m. 
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Documentary Collection Celebrates “King of Stamps” Philipp von Ferrari

(Jan Billion) 100 years ago died the famous stamp collector Philipp von Ferrari who called the greatest stamp rarities his own. For over 20 years the well-known specialised journalist and philatelic historian Wolfgang Maassen has conducted research on Ferrari, the “King of Stamps”, and he holds the presumably most comprehensive archives of document copies concerning this personality. During the 35th International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen (26, 27 and 28 October 2017) he will present in ten frames an exciting extract.
Different from the usual stamp collections presented in competitions, this exhibit is conceived as a documentary exhibit. Because Philipp von Ferrari, the mysterious son of a count, has left no letters in private possession; there are only a very few such items in national museums and archives. But with his reserve of so far unknown photos (in most cases the originals are large oil paintings in museums) and his stock of copies from state archives as well as a considerable number of original envelopes, picture postcards etc. Maassen has composed a documentary collection which in a so far unprecedented way describes the life of this cosmopolitan. The panoply starts with the origins of his family, passes through his childhood and adolescence, his professional life as well as his philatelic activities, and does not leave out the loneliness if his last years. His testament and legs, the troublesome legal conflict concerning his treasures and the liquidation of the most comprehensive stamp collection of all times in a series of public auctions – all this is presented by means of well-chosen material. In this way justice is done to a hardly known Philipp von Ferrari, and in the end an extraordinary personality is revealed to whom philately worldwide is indebted more than to anyone else for his promotion and support which can be felt up to the present day. 
P.S. The exhibit shown in Sindelfingen (120 pages) is described in German language. The same but complete exhibit (220 pages) will be shown in Monte-Carlo at the MonacoPhil (30 Nov.–2 Dec 2017) in the Car-Museum, but there with English description.

Source: AIJP News